Coordinator of Attendance 2013 – Present

Project sponsor of a $2 million 21st century technology initiative to enhance district wide systems and processes including: Online Registration, Specialty School Application, Transfer Request, Guide K12 Geo Analysis, Docushare Document Management, Electronic Conversion of 8.5 million archived records, and Fresh Desk Customer Support. Initiated a two-way electronic customer service model (Fresh Desk) providing support to parents and school personnel.  Fresh Desk is now being duplicated in the following departments: Purchasing, Academies of Birmingham, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Operations, Information Technology, and Information Management Services.  Developed, planned, and implemented annual (ongoing) job embedded professional development/coaching to district level administrators, school administrators, and school registration teams. 

Duties also include(d): Supervising attendance officers, hearing officers, data technicians and prevention specialists, Collaborating with department supervisors, principals, family court personnel, Reviewing class III level suspensions ensuring compliance with Board policy, state and federal laws, Supervising second level discipline hearings, Serving as liaison between family court and school system, Conducting audits of enrollment, attendance, transfer records, transcript requests, employment verifications, Preparing annual reports on attendance and related matters.