Effective CommunicatorTeam BuilderResourcefulGoal Oriented
Visionary LeaderProblem SolverInnovativeData Driven
  • Twenty-Five Year Veteran (‘Turnaround’ Principal/Central Office Administrator)
  • Superb qualifications in all areas of Professional Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Federal Programs, Leadership, and Human Resources
  • Highly energetic individual with excellent organization skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical abilities
  • Proactive leader who builds capacity within organizations  
  • Collaborative leader relating to planning, identifying problems, and resolving challenges efficiently and effectively

During my 25 years as an educator, I have served all levels (Elementary, Middle, High, as well as Central Office).  My experiences of proven success, including being named a Semi-Finalist during the 2015 National Superintendent Search for Birmingham City Schools, cover the broad spectrum of both academic and operational sides of this complex school district.  

My educational philosophy is, “Child Advocate First and Always!” This philosophy is founded upon the following: Clear Mission/Goals, High Expectations, Research/Planning, and Determination. All components are needed to differentiate instruction, cultivate master teachers, involve stakeholders, as well as increase overall academic achievement. It is my belief that continuous improvement is grounded in the premise of being a forerunner of academic achievement, leadership, as well as best practices. Throughout the course of my career, I have demonstrated exceptional implementation in the areas of Fiscal Management, Professional Development, Communication, Human Resources, Employee Management, Data Analysis, Team Building, Collaboration, Data Driven Decision Making, Goal Setting, Consensus Building, Support and Motivation, as well as Employee Accountability.

My educational philosophy also entails the belief that a successful school system must have many components that operate concurrently for optimal success. These components include: Strategic Planning, Continuous Improvement Planning, Curriculum and Instruction, Family/Community Partnerships, Fiscal Operations, as well as Buildings/Facilities. It is imperative to have viable strategic planning processes that include all stakeholders and are communicated effectively. 

My goal is to serve as Superintendent. My strengths and passions are reflected most in the areas of instructional leadership, curriculum and instruction, human resources, school finance as well as professional development. Positive, courageous leadership in collaboration with continuous professional development is my guide to success.